Saturday, December 26, 2009


My daughters,granddaughters and I.......

Yes,Christmas has come and gone and the new year will soon arrive.
I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends and loved ones.
We sure did ! I fixed a dinner here on Christmas Eve. Some of our children and grandchildren came. Our daughter Debra and grandaughter Rana are still here visiting from Penn.
We have sure enjoyed their company but,they are leaving Monday morning to go home .
I will miss them for sure.
Wishing y'all a happy New Year .
Blessings to all Love,Katie

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yes it is cold outside today , but so thankful it is nice and warm inside.
My dd Debra, and grandaughter Rana are here to visit with us until
after christmas. they live in Pittsburg Pa. So they are thinking this weather is mild ,
since they are use to lots of snow and ice up their way. Im so happy to have them here.
I got my christmas tree up, it looks real pretty. I put the small one up this year.
our dd Shelley came over the other day to visit , and we had a nice visit.
We went thru some more christmas decoration, and just enjoyed spending time to gather.
I hope you are all well , and have a wonderful christmas , with family, and friends.
Merry christmas to all Many Blessings LOVE KATIE

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hello dear friends, I pray everyone is well, and getting ready for Christmas.
We are doing OK , I have a head cold , but other than that , just our usual aches and ills ,smile.
I have done some of my Christmas decorating, but haven't put my tree up yet.
Our DD Shelley said she will come over Sunday, after church, and help me do that.
She is so good at decorating, I have visited her blog, and she has so many pretty
things, she helps us a lot. Bless her heart.
We had some bad news last night our son in law Billy , that lives in Pennsylvania, had taken an overdose of prescription drugs and is in the hospital recovering from that. Please,remember him, our daughter Debra,( his wife,) and his daughter Rana in your prayers. For his recovery and their comfort.
God bless you all , and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


HELLO TO ALL, We had a nice thanksgiving, enjoyed so much having a good
dinner, and spending a great time with family. and yes , now christmas will be
here before we know it.I havnt put my tree up yet but i will soon im sure.
I love all the pretty christmas carols, and like to listen to them while putting up
christmas decorations.I know im sure to start feeling the christmas spirt, when
I start pulling out , all the christmas decor. smile.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas , and many blessings to all LOVE KATIE

Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello dear friends, hope this finds everyone having a great weekend.
I am feeling much better to day.My hubby and I went for a ride to day.
First we went by the cemetary, to visit the graves of our , daughter -in law
and our grandson. we stayed awhile and rearranged the flowers .
Then we went on to Arp Tex. I wanted to go to the little thrift store there ,
But they were closed.Our great grandsons, AAron and Austin were on their way ,
home from school, so we picked them up and took them home .
We stayed and visited with their mom awhile. Our daughter Shelley lives close by ,
but she was not at home . So we headed back home , we stopped at the gro. store so i could shop for a few more things , that I needed when I start cooking for our thanksgiving dinner.
I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving, with friends, and family .
God bless you all. LOVE KATIE

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hello dear friends,yes we went out of town , to my brothers funeral,
always so sad and so hard to say goodbye, but so wonderful to look forward, to seeing each other in heaven, some day.we were so tired , and glad to be back home again.
We saw a lot of relatives, that we had nt seen in a long while. our DD Shelley went with us.
so glad to have her company, made the trip easier for her dad and I.
My brother had a nice funeral, it was so sad, but they had a video, with lots of pictures,
of him with family , and friends during his ministery, even one of him performing water baptising
of church people. made me feel so good , and sad at the same time to watch it .
BUT I know he is at peace with God, now and has no pain. Thanks to all for your loving thoughts, and prayers. LOVE KATIE

Monday, November 9, 2009


My dear brother Howard passed away this morning.
God rest his soul. It hurts so much to loose a loved one ,
but knowing that he is with GOD and not in pain now,
helps to comfort us .Thanks to you all, for your comments and your prayers,
they were much appreciated, and gave us much love and comfort in our time of loss.
God bless you all LOVE KATIE

Friday, November 6, 2009



Hello dear friends,

My dear brother Howard, is very ill. I received a call tonight that his condition is worse.
We are asking prayer that God will give peace and comfort to my dear brother and all his loved ones. He is at home under the care of Hospice. Please,if you have the time would you say a prayer for him.

Thank you so very much and God bless,Katie

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well hello dear friends again,
I pray everyone is having a nice weekend.
We have had a nice day.Our daughter -in - law Donna,
is having a BD Monday, so they came down to visit, it is such a beautiful day,
We had a cookout, and sit outside and enjoyed the weather.
The week has been good,Thursday our DD Shelley, and grandaughter Kathy,
and dear little Jaxon, our precious great grandson, they came down to visit us.
He is so sweet . We sure enjoyed spending time with them.
Well to morrow is Sunday again, a time to spend in Gods house,
giving Him all the praise, for our many blessings and enjoying worship with friends,
and loved ones. GOD bless you all. Love Katie

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I pray that everyone has had a wonderful day.
We went to church this morning , then came home and had dinner.
My husband and I watched tv awhile. as usual we both feel asleep, in our recliners.
took a nap. then i called our dd Shelley, got her up from her nap ,we had a long phone visit.
We then went to town to visit our son and his family. had a very good visit with them.
We have both been doing very well , except for our usual aches and ills.
We enjoy the cooler weather, but this morning we had to light the heater, it was in the 40s,
that felt good. Tomorrow is our anniversary. number 61. Praise the Lord.
for our many blessings. Well may everyone have a great week , and God bless yall.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We went to see him today. He is precious.
We took turns holding him . They came home from the hospital today.
Another true blessing for us all.
Hope this week is going well for you .

Blessings to all Love Katie

Saturday, September 26, 2009


YES,IT HAS ARRIVED, the cooler air feels so good too.
Hello dear friends, I pray everyone is well and having a great weekend.
We are doing ok. We took our coffee and went outside this morning
to sit in the cool morning air,to listen to the birds chirping and just enjoy the outside.
It has been raining so much, we havn't been able to do that in awhile. But today we have beautiful sunshine. Our cats joined us, as they were ready for their breakfast, smile. We have two tom cats, BOOTS and SOCKS. But now the Birds have flew away, they sure don't like each other, smile. Catch you later. Many blessings to all Love,Katie

Sunday, September 20, 2009


HELLO FRIENDS, Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
These words will be short and sweet to day, but i wanted to say hi .
We didnt go to church to day , we had company.But we may go to night.
anyway I thank our dear LORD, for a great day, and our many blessings.
Many blessings to you all too. Catch you later. LOVE TO ALL KATIE

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~Tuesday after Labor Day~


Well,we had a nice Labor day yesterday,Monday. We went to our grandsons house and had a big fish fry. Everything was so good enjoyed the visit will everyone.
Our daughter Shelley had a post on her blog this morning , that I enjoyed . It brought back memories of those wash tub days, rub board, and hanging our clothes on the clothes lines . She had a nice little poem too. I left her a little comment too,smile. Well,I pray all is well at your homes, and you are all having a great day.


Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello dear friends, yes it is friday again, the days seem to go so fast.
Sept. is here and fall weather is on the way. we are already having some cooler mornings, and evenings.But it feels so good. my husband and I have both been feeling very well.
with the weather getting cooler I may want to plant me some turnip greens. we have another grandson living close by now, and he will be glad to help us till up the garden, and plant for us.
Well everyone please take care enjoy the cooler weather. Many Blessings to all

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


HI, FRIENDS, yes i went for appointment in Tyler today, everything seem to be ok Im so thankful dear Lord for that. I know i have been lazy about posting lately.sorry about that.
last Sunday we had a great day , our DD Shelleys BD. After church they all came over to our house , we had a great visit. It was so good to see everyone. Shelley, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. the little ones Colton, and baby Vivian, had grown since i had seen them especially the baby.they are all so dear to us. I hope yall are all well, and doing great in everyway. Many blessings to all. LOVE KATIE

Friday, July 31, 2009

A Visit from our daughter Shelley

This is a Shadow Box Shelley made for me on my birthday a few years ago.

Hello dear friends, well today has been a great day.My DD Shelley came over to visit .
We decided to make some Hot Sauce and it turned out so good.We had to have a sample before putting it up in the jars,smile. We had a very good visit and Shelley took some pictures of things around the house so I thought I would share them with you all.
Thanks to all who stopped by to see me.

Here's some of the Hot Sauce we made.Shelley took a big jar home with her. All her family loves hot sauce,even some of the children will eat it!

This is a cute little mouse at a wishing well,some of the great grandchildren gave me last mothers day.
I love dolls just like Shelley,these are some of my favorites. I love the sweet expression on the little face of the one in the middle.

My China Cabinet with some of my favorite dishes.

Vintage Carnival glass.

These Rose pattern dishes were my DH mothers. I am proud to have had them past down to me.
Here I am in my little kitchen. You will find me in here a lot(smile).

Monday, July 27, 2009



Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation To Alabama

Hello dear friends, Well we sure enjoyed our trip but was sure glad to get back home.
We spent time with family ,in Thomasville, Ala. our daughter, and grandaughters, grandsons,and great grandchildren, also some great, great grandchildren. had cook outs, and some shopping.
our daughter , and grand daughter from Pittsburg, Pa. came down there to met us there , and it was so good to spend time with them all. We are thanking the Lord , for a very good visit with them all, and a safe trip. Blessings to all. Love Katie

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hello dear friends, I hope everyone is staying cool and having a wonderful day.

yes we have some pretty little kittens., all girls tho. also the mama cat too. we have two boycats to keep , Boots, and Socks. , cant afford to keep more. my son took them by the shelter for us but they want keep them unless we give them 50.00. so they took them on home with them.

animals are so sweet to have but cost alot now to get them spayed,neutered and their shots

anyway we are hoping they find a home for them. Blessings to all LOVE KATIE

Friday, July 10, 2009


Hello dear friends, yes the day is beautiful and very hot.
WE GIVE HIM THE PRAISE FOR IT ALL. right now we are so thankful for our AC
putting out the good cool air. We did have a little rain a few days ago, that was badly needed.
and it cooled things off some.I pray everything is going well at your homes. We are both doing very well, except for arthritis pain .My husband has to go on the 17th to the dr to have a small cancer spot taken off his face.HE is out in the sun alot., working in the yard ect. I keep reminding him to wear his straw hat for sure. Well ill go for now , everyone take care , stay cool, and God bless you all. Love KATIE

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well,my dear sister passed on last night to be with Jesus.
Thank you all my dear friends for your loving thoughts, and prayers.
She was so sweet and very dear to me. We all loved her very much.
She will be greatly missed by us all, family, and friends, a like.
God bless you all.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Lords Day

HELLO DEAR FRIENDS, I pray everyone has had a wonderful day.
We are doing ok . we went to church this morning, enjoyed the service.
I have a prayer request dear friends. My dear sister,Margaret, is very ill.
She is in the hospital in Wichita Falls Tex. IN ICU UNIT She has been in a coma, for a few days.
they are thinking she had a lack of oxygen to the brain. SHE IS IN GODS HANDS.
We are praying so hard that she will get well soon. blessings to all L OVE KATIE

Friday, June 12, 2009


My husband and I with sweet little Brandon.

Good morning to all, It is a beautiful day! Yes,we had a good visit with our little great GS.
Brandon. He is the son of Bruce, our grandson we lost in a car accident in April.
We enjoyed our time with him very much. He is growing, and walking now . He has curly red hair. So sweet. He is our son Larry's grandson. He is very proud of him . That red hair so Irish
(SMILE). Brandon's mom Jill, wasn't very sociable with us this visit. Just got her things to gather and her dog and loaded up and left. I don't understand because she and I were always close and enjoyed each others company.My legs were hurting yesterday so I went outside and sit at the picnic table while they were there, our son Larry and his wife brought the baby over for us to spend time with but Jill just didn't say much or come over . I started to get upset about it but I stopped myself and I am just so thankful to spend the time with Brandon. I thank God for that
I pray that what ever is bothering Jill, that she will find peace with it . Could be the grief and that is her way of coping with it. We do love them very much, and I pray that she will keep in touch with us and let us know how our grandson is doing.
Here we are standing next to the Weeping Willow tree that we planted in memory of Brandon's daddy,Bruce.

Many blessings to all Love,Katie

Sunday, June 7, 2009


HELLO DEAR FRIENDS, hope everyone is doing fine to day,
As for us we are doing ok. My husband and I have just been around home all day . We didnt go to church to day. But I missed everyone. WE read our bible some this morning.
then this evening our son and his wife and their grand baby came to visit. We enjoyed sitting outside , and had a good watermelon to eat, really good. Our DD Shelley had posted a beautiful prayer on her blog. received a blessing from reading that for sure.
God bless you all Love Katie

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~Around the Home Place~

Some pictures from around the home place...enjoy...

~Old tin Rooster,time for a new paint job~

~Lily in bloom~
~Garden coming along~

~Weeping Willow,planted in memory of my grandson Bruce.~

~Old Tea Cart, ceramic frog,hen and rooster~

Stop by any time,you are always welcome...Katie

Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello dear friends, Yes God is so good.
our prayers are still going up for our DD Shelleyand her family,
in their time of problems, and stress. I know that God will lift them up , and see them through, this unhappy time. we are always so thankful for dear friends like you and your prayers . many blessings to all. Love katie

Monday, May 18, 2009

monday night

Hello dear friends, well I finally decided to post a few lines.
Hope everyone is doing fine. We had a nice weekend .
our dd Shelley and her hubby came down Sunday evening,
We sit outside and enjoyed the cooler air , and sunshine.
We had a very nice visit. I had gotten a weeping willow tree for mothers day to plant in our yard
We did plant it a few days ago , and I was showing it to Shelley. We planted it in memory of our grandson Bruce that we lost in a auto accident last month.
Our garden is growing good, I already have some little green tomatoes, I have planted green beans, purple hull peas, corn, okra, squash, beets, and peppers.
Well wishing for you all a nice week . Blessings to all LOVE KATIE

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hello dear friends,
Just wanted to say happy mothers day, to all the dear mothers out there in blog land.
God bless you all , and have a wonderful day with family, an friends. IM looking forward to going to church in the morning , then my hubby and I will spend time with our children, grandchildren,

Monday, April 27, 2009


Hello dear friends, yes we had a sad day for our family, on Sunday,April 26th about 1:00 am in the early morning hours, our dear grandson Bruce Turner age 36, died in a automobile accident
not far from our home. He leaves behind 5 children. He was a very caring, loving sweet person.
He will surely be missed very much by us all.
Blessings to all ..

Friday, April 24, 2009


Hope everyone is having beautiful sunshine, like we are . It is very nice. i have been getting out side as much as possible. my roses are all blooming , also Iris and some of the others they are so pretty. we have been feeling very well. OUR son James is recovering very well from his heart surgery,, we are so thankful for that. We plan on going to visit .Sun. at our dear daughter Shelleys church in Arp tex. it is the day for goodbye to their pastor, he has retired , and they now have a new one. everyone will miss them so much. Everyone have a great weekend, and GOD bless you all. Love Katie

Friday, April 17, 2009


Hello dear friends, sorry it has been a while since I placed a post.
Yes we are having alot of rain to day, but im sure we needed it, or the good Lord wouldnt have sent it for us. Our oldest son James went to Jacksonville Tx . last monday for a heart cath.
and he had to be air lifted to Tyler hospital for by pass surgery. We are thanking our dear Lord, that he went through it very well. Please pray with us that he will continue to do well, and will have a speedy recovery. Wishing a great weekend for everyone, and many blessings to all.
Love Katie

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

~Hubby's Birthday~

Today is my dear husband Erwin's birthday! He is 79 years young.
Happy Birthday Honey!

Monday, March 23, 2009



Hello dear friends,
I pray everyone is well, and having a wonderful day. Yes,it is spring time again. I love it, everything is blooming out, dogwoods, redbud trees ,daffodils, ect.
We are both doing ok, we went to church yesterday, came home fixed lunch. Our son Larry and his new bride Donna came to visit, and had lunch with us. They were married on the 19th of March, she is a very sweet lady. We are so happy for them and wish them much love and happiness. Then our DD Shelley and her hubby Loyd , with their son JW, and his girlfriend, came to visit. Shelley had their sweet little grandbaby, little Vivian with them (our great grand baby) she is precious! Also another dear grandaughter Regina, her hubby John, and their boys Arron, and Austin. (Shelley's grandsons and our great grandsons.) We all had a wonderful visit. I know I have been slack about a post sometime but,maybe I'll do better smile. Many blessings,

Love to all Katie

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

~One Lovely Blog Award~

Cheryl @ http://cheryls-here.blogspot.com/ pass me this lovely blog award and I would like to thank her..she is a faithful visitor and leaves me the sweetest comments.....thanks so much Cheryl,now I am supposed to pass this to someone else...I don't have seven to pass this to,but I would like to give this award to my granddaughter
Karen another blog friend @http://karensbogsite.blogspot.com

Here are the rules girls............
Rules of this award:
1. Add the logo to your blog.
2. Link to the person from whom you received this award.
3. Nominate 7 or more blogs.
4. Leave a message on their blog, letting them know they are “One Lovely Blog”
Thanks for visiting me
God bless,Katie

Sunday, March 8, 2009

~My China Cabinet~

Here's a picture of the China cabinet I posted about some time ago,my husband clean it all up and put a new stain on it. I love how it turned out,and I think my dishes look great in it.....

Thanks for stopping by,Katie

Sunday, March 1, 2009

~March has arrived,and so has baby Vivian~

DD Shelley,and baby Vivian....

Hello dear friends, hope everyone is doing well. I am feeling much better, I think my new BP
meds are doing their job. I'm so thankful for that! Well,our new great grandbaby arrived, a precious baby girl,she is healthy and beautiful.(Our DD Shelley's grandbaby.) I attended the
baby shower, too . It was so nice , lots of pretty things for baby Vivian.
Well,March has arrived,and the wind with it,and it has been cold all day.
Many blessings to all, please stay well and happy.

Love Katie

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~Wednesday night~

Hello dear friends, Sorry I haven't made a post in awhile , but the Dr. put me back on my blood pressure meds,and I have been having some trouble adjusting to them, like being dizzy, and short of breath. So,I went to the ER today ,and they decided to take me off the coreg, and try another one not so strong. I am hoping that will do much better. I pray everyone is doing well at your homes. We have had a beautiful day, lots of sunshine. Makes me want to work in the yard,
get flowers, and a garden going. Oh well,it won't be long until that time.
Blessings to all Love Katie

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


~This dog is a new comer to our home,some one decided to dump off,he's a sweety,but he wants to chase our kittys.~


HELLO DEAR FRIENDS, Well today is the day the eagle flys(so to speak)
time to go pay bills again(smile). My husband always tells me that on the 3rd each month( I mean about the eagle,smile.)I'm always glad to get the bills paid for another month!
Hope everyone is well ! We are having some nice Texas weather, lots of sunshine today .
I sure enjoyed that ! We went over to visit our DD Shelley last Sunday. She was feeling some better,and she hopes to be able to get back in church next Sunday. I'm so glad she has that
surgery behind her now, I know she will feel so much better,when she gets through the healing process. THANK THE LORD !

Blessings to all .Love,Katie

Monday, January 26, 2009


Hello dear friends, hope everyone is well to night .
We are both doing ok here at our house. Praise the Lord.
We have been at the hospital most of the day with our dear daughter Shelley.
As you all probley know she had her surgery to day. Every thing went well; when we left the hospital , she was in a lot of pain , and they had given her medication for that so she would rest well to night, her husband stayed with her . Tomorrow im sure she will be feeling much better .
probley come home by Wednesday.We thank everyone for your prayers. When she comes home im sure she will be telling you all about it. Goodnight and BLESSINGS TO ALL

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hello Friends, hope this finds everyone well .
I went to the Heart Dr today. Im happy to report that
everything was ok . My pace maker and defibulater was fine.
Thank the Lord for that.My DD Shelley is Scheduled for her
surgery on Mon. Jan. 26th. Please pray with us that everything
will go well. God bless you all. Love Katie

~The China Cabinet~before


Here is a picture of the China cabinet gifted to us by our son James,the one I mentioned about in my last post! Stay tuned for a make over picture soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Hello dear friends, I pray everyone is well , and getting the "NEW YEAR " off to a good start.
We are well, and doing OK. The weather is cold again today. Our son,James and his wife Nelda gave us a nice china cabinet for Christmas, it is old but very nice , we are going to put a new coat of varnish on it . When we get it finished,and I get all my pretty dishes in side ,I'll try and get a picture took to show you.

Well,guess I'll say bye for now.

Blessings for all Love,Katie

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009