Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello dear friends, hope this finds everyone having a great weekend.
I am feeling much better to day.My hubby and I went for a ride to day.
First we went by the cemetary, to visit the graves of our , daughter -in law
and our grandson. we stayed awhile and rearranged the flowers .
Then we went on to Arp Tex. I wanted to go to the little thrift store there ,
But they were closed.Our great grandsons, AAron and Austin were on their way ,
home from school, so we picked them up and took them home .
We stayed and visited with their mom awhile. Our daughter Shelley lives close by ,
but she was not at home . So we headed back home , we stopped at the gro. store so i could shop for a few more things , that I needed when I start cooking for our thanksgiving dinner.
I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving, with friends, and family .
God bless you all. LOVE KATIE

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hello dear friends,yes we went out of town , to my brothers funeral,
always so sad and so hard to say goodbye, but so wonderful to look forward, to seeing each other in heaven, some day.we were so tired , and glad to be back home again.
We saw a lot of relatives, that we had nt seen in a long while. our DD Shelley went with us.
so glad to have her company, made the trip easier for her dad and I.
My brother had a nice funeral, it was so sad, but they had a video, with lots of pictures,
of him with family , and friends during his ministery, even one of him performing water baptising
of church people. made me feel so good , and sad at the same time to watch it .
BUT I know he is at peace with God, now and has no pain. Thanks to all for your loving thoughts, and prayers. LOVE KATIE

Monday, November 9, 2009


My dear brother Howard passed away this morning.
God rest his soul. It hurts so much to loose a loved one ,
but knowing that he is with GOD and not in pain now,
helps to comfort us .Thanks to you all, for your comments and your prayers,
they were much appreciated, and gave us much love and comfort in our time of loss.
God bless you all LOVE KATIE

Friday, November 6, 2009



Hello dear friends,

My dear brother Howard, is very ill. I received a call tonight that his condition is worse.
We are asking prayer that God will give peace and comfort to my dear brother and all his loved ones. He is at home under the care of Hospice. Please,if you have the time would you say a prayer for him.

Thank you so very much and God bless,Katie