Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another beautiful day

Hello dear friends, Thank God, for such a beautiful day, cold but lots of sunshine!
I'm really thankful for everyday tho, rain or shine . But, I'm really looking forward to spring,
Birds singing, flowers blooming, and I like to see the dogwood and redbuds ,in bloom too.
Our son is going to help us with a garden this year. I specially like to grow tomatoes,
onions, okra, squash, peppers, and my husband likes to grow watermelons,and cantaloupes .
Guess we just like them all( smile). So thankful to our dear Lord, for everything!

Pray this finds everyone well, and having a wonderful day. Blessings to all, Katie

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday morning

Hello Dear friends, Well it is another cold day,but the sun is coming out nicely.
My husband is feeling better to day. To Cheryl ,I wanted to tell you that Erwin and I were married on Oct 19th, 1948. Yes, it was ok to ask, so the name Erwin is not used alot as a first name , but several of our grandsons have been named after their Grandad. His father's first name was Irvin. Ipray you all have a wonderful day, and many blessings to all.
Love , katie

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

~Our trip to Dallas~

Hello Dear Friends,
Well we made a trip to dallas, to visit with our daughter Debra, her husband, and also my sister in law . We went to the hospital in Garland , to see our new great grandbaby boy . He is a beautiful healthy baby. But while we were there at the hospital, my husband triped on a rug in their lobby and fell on his side and hip. They took xrays, he didn't have any broken bones ,but
he had a contusion of the hip , which is very painful. I'm so thankful that his hip wasn't broken,
but at our age any fall could be considered major, I suppose. Please, pray with us that he will heal well with no complications. Thanks to everyone, Many blessings to all.

Mrs. Katie

Friday, January 18, 2008


Hello dear friends, I pray all is well. My husband and Iboth feel very well to night. we are just staying in where it is nice and warm. It has been cold all Day. Our daughter Shelley, and our grandaughter Regina, came over to visit awhile this evening. we enjoyed that very much.
I made a fresh pot of coffee. , And we sat and talked and just really had a nice visit.
my husband ,Erwin is watching tv, if he hasnt went to sleep in the recliner, which we both do quite often. smile. Well ill say goodnight to everyone . Have a wonderful day to morrow.
God bless you all Love From , mrs katie

Saturday, January 12, 2008

~Saturday night~

Want to say thanks to all my dear friends, for comments, it is much comfort when I'm sad.
Also, I enjoy hearing from everyone always.Today has been a nice day! We went to the store to
pack some more things to move to the storage building at home, as we have closed the store.
Don't know if I mentioned that before. They will be moving a garage and tire shop there at the first of the month. My husband and I were just tired . Then two we had been more closed , than open for all of 2007. We will still try going to the flea markets, and sitting up , when the weather is nice , and our health permits. We enjoy that , and it helps with finances too (smile). Thanks to Karen for the nice reward . Sorry, I'm so slow about posting. But, guess Im getting better( smile). Hope so!

Take care Blessings to all, Mrs. Katie

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hello friends, It has been a beautiful day, but a little part of it was sad.
Our little dog, Bear, was killed last night, by a pack of big dogs that came into our yard.
Our son Larry buried him for us in his yard. He was so sweet and smart. We will miss him so much. He brought so much joy to us for a little while. You will remember the photo of him in my rocker on my back porch. I pray ya'll had a nice day, and a great weekend coming up.
Be back soon.

God Bless you all, Katie

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

From My house to Yours

Hello Friends , Well here I am again. It is Tuesday night.Thanks to everyone for the nice comments, on my blog. It makes me so happy to hear from everyone. I am feeling much better today. My husband, Erwin and I went to town today, to do some shopping. Today is our oldest sons birthday. So we stopped by to take him a gift and say Happy birthday.
While in town, we stopped in at the Subway and had a nice sandwich. I enjoyed that,
so I know that my tummy' must be getting back to normal, smile . I'm so thankful for that!
We have had some nice warm days. But ,I think it is getting much colder tonight.
I bought white paint today, to redo my antique rocker on the back porch. I have ordered new
cushions in a blue color, for it when it is finished. So we will sand it down, and start painting soon.
Then maybe I'll ask our dear Shelley , to come over and take pictures, so I can show it to all of my dear friends. Well take care everyone .

Blessings to all, Katie

~Heres a picture of the rocker I will be giving a new paint job to ~our little dog "Bear" just loves having his picture made~

~These are some old tea carts that have been sitting in our yard for along time~I thought you might you might like to see them~my daughter Shelley likes the one on the left !(smile)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Night

Hello Friends, Hope all is well with you all tonight. I didnt go to church to day , because I have been sick for two days,with stomack virus, sure put me down. But thanking our Lord I'm
feeling much better to night. IT has been a beautiful day . I sit outside in the sunshine awhile,
made me feel better. My grandson Thomas and his wife Larissa, and their children , came by Saturday to visit awhile, and we enjoyed that . Hope yall had a wonderful weekend.
Blessings to all Katie

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Hello Friends,
Well it is late to night, but I wanted to say Hi to everyone, before bed time!
Had a good day , spent time with grandchildren, my great granddaughter , Kellie and
her three little ones , our great great grandchildren, Jordan 4 yr ,Jayanna 2yr, and Jaliekay 2 months. They are precious children. I held the baby , to feed her her bottle and she went to sleep , then we got the color books out , for Jordan and Jayanna, to color for awhile.
Joe another great grandson, came over to join us. We fixed Ramen noodle soup, for lunch.
We had a good time! It has been cold out all day, so we didn't spend much time out side.
I pray you all had a wonderful day.

A New Year is here , and we are so thankful to our DEAR

Love to all , Katie