Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well hello dear friends again,
I pray everyone is having a nice weekend.
We have had a nice day.Our daughter -in - law Donna,
is having a BD Monday, so they came down to visit, it is such a beautiful day,
We had a cookout, and sit outside and enjoyed the weather.
The week has been good,Thursday our DD Shelley, and grandaughter Kathy,
and dear little Jaxon, our precious great grandson, they came down to visit us.
He is so sweet . We sure enjoyed spending time with them.
Well to morrow is Sunday again, a time to spend in Gods house,
giving Him all the praise, for our many blessings and enjoying worship with friends,
and loved ones. GOD bless you all. Love Katie

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I pray that everyone has had a wonderful day.
We went to church this morning , then came home and had dinner.
My husband and I watched tv awhile. as usual we both feel asleep, in our recliners.
took a nap. then i called our dd Shelley, got her up from her nap ,we had a long phone visit.
We then went to town to visit our son and his family. had a very good visit with them.
We have both been doing very well , except for our usual aches and ills.
We enjoy the cooler weather, but this morning we had to light the heater, it was in the 40s,
that felt good. Tomorrow is our anniversary. number 61. Praise the Lord.
for our many blessings. Well may everyone have a great week , and God bless yall.