Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Flowers

My B-D was on 27th....my nephew and his sweet wife sent me these beautiful flowers... aren't they wonderful? I was very happy to receive them. Wanted to share them with you all.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Thought I would follow along with my daughter Shelley from Shelley's Vintage Variety and join Rednesday...just a couple of pictures to share this time,my first time actually.......

This picture below is of my hubby and I back in February wearing our red crowns. We were voted in as Valentine King and Queen of our church....we hold the title until next Valentines day.

And this next picture is of my friendly frog wearing his red vest. Don't you think he's cute? Do you think he may turn into a prince if I were to kiss him...don't think I will try. I claimed my Prince Charming over 60 years ago(smile).

Thanks for stopping by Katie's Place today. Go here to visit our host of Rednesday.
God bless,Love Katie

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello my dear friends, hope everyone is doing well.
Gosh i dont know why im so lazy about posting.
But i do think about it, just dont seem to get around to
doing it . I had to go to the hearing aid place to day to get my
ear mold, for my hearing aid repaired. I thought i would have
to get a new one made , but they were able to get this one fixed,
so that saved some money this time. The weather here is some cooler,
We had some rain, and it cooled things off some . much more comfortable.
Our dear daughter Shelley, and grandson JW.came over to visit yesterday
We sure enjoyed that , she and I remimisced, while looking through old photo albumns.
JW and grandad had a nice visit. Hope uall had a nice fourth of July weekend.
We stayed at home, we had fried chicken, and from the garden, green beans,
okra, and squash, and tomatoes. but our tomatoes, are slow coming on.
Well guess ill say bye for now. BLESSINGS TO ALL LOVE KATIE