Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello friends, yes we had our activity night at church to night , and the theme was red
for valentine , we had lots of fun , and plenty good food . THE married couple that had been married the longest. and the shortest years , got prizes,and then everyone cast votes for the King and Queen this year. and guess who won , my husband and I. There was pictures taken.
of us with our pastor when they crowned us. smile. We will try to get them on another post at a later date. Well the weather is still cold, but we had some beautiful sunshine to day.
This morning we went to the hospital, for my husband to have his stress test, and his dr. said it was all ok . We are thanking our dear Lord for that. Well Ill say goodbye for now.
Many Blessings to all LOVE KATIE

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hello dear friends, yes Sunday is here again , was time to join with friends, and loved ones in
Gods house to worship. we had a good service this morning.
Our Son David, his wife Minnie, and their children, came to visit this evening .
We enjoyed our time to gather very much. I pray you all had a wonderful day; with friends, and family, surrounded by Gods wonderful love, and love for each other , on this valentine day,
that happen to fall on The Sabbath. Love Katie

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My dear Valentine.......

Yep,this picture below in the previous post is of my dear hubby and I the year we got married.
1948 will be 62 years this coming October.
He is a Sweetie,I don't know what I would do without him and really don't know what do with him sometime ( smile, just kidding).
Bless his heart , he hates to go to the doctor but,sometime I talk him into going.
It is time for his stress test and a colonoscopy which he isn't happy about but that is so very important. He just can't pass that by. So,we have appointments for those things.
Guess,it will be my turn next time but,if need be I'll be ready for sure .
Anyway,my dear Hubby is my Valentine Sweetheart!

Wishing you all a "Happy Valentine day" with your Sweethearts.


Once upon a Time

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hello dear friends, hope this finds everyone doing very well.
We are doing ok . had a nice day, with lots of sunshine , so i suppose the ground hog probley saw his shadow, so we can look forward for several more weeks of cold weather. smile.
Oh well kinda figured on that for Feb. anyway. We went to Henderson, for my husband to have
his hearing aids checked. They worked on one of them, and it is working much better.
Hearing aids are so expensive now we have to get all the use we can from the old ones.
One thing about the over the ear kind , we can just have a new ear mold made for him, and he can use one of my hearing aids. After the visit there we went to the golden corral and had lunch .
We enjoyed that , dont do that very often. Then of course I suggested we go to the goodwill store , and shop around . that was fun to, I found a few little valentine pretties, and some very nice ruby red vases. I tried to call our DD Shelley, so she could go with us, but she wasnt home , she had some work to do at church, so mabey next time. We always enjoy her going with us.
well guess ill say bye for now , and get ready for bed. Goodnight to all , Many blessings