Sunday, June 29, 2008


~My rooster and hen out in the yard,living happily under the tree~

Hello dear friends, I pray it has been a nice weekend for you all. It has been a good one for us , as we had a lot of company, lots of family on Saturday. We sure enjoyed everyone coming but ,I was very tired after everyone left and went to bed early.
I missed going to church today, as we had to go to the hospital and pick our daughter in law up,to take her home. She has been there for a few days again, with her breathing problems. She was feeling better today. Thank you Lord for that!

Blessings to all,Katie

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello dear friends, Hope this finds all doing well. We are doing ok, and yes my hubby is enjoying his new lawn mower. Our son gave it to him for Father's Day. I know it will make his yard work much easier, as he has alot of grass to mow, and he has been doing it all with a push mower.
We have been having some hot weather, and I haven't been getting out to much in the heat.
We had a little rain to day, and it cooled things off some.Was reading my daughters post
(Shelley's Vintage Variety) about Kalyn's BD Pool Party. Sounds cool, wish Icould have been there (smile). I think I would like a big pool like that . I'm thinking about it, I told my hubby it would be good to cool off in , and I could exercise a lot easier in the water. Anyway it's ok to dream,Right? Blessings to all . Have a nice weekend. Hugs, Katie

Monday, June 9, 2008

~Monday Night~

Hello dear friends, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We enjoyed the weekend.
Went to church Sunday morning,and then in the afternoon went to a birthday party for our grandson, and a friend. It was their 16th birthday and it was a real nice occasion. Everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves. We had pizza and the birthday cakes were delicious.
Today, we just stayed in most of the day, where it was cool. Was hot and humid out!
Later in the evening , my husband worked in the yard some. I went out to the garden, and picked a few tomatoes, some still green, as I like fried green tomatoes some time.
I also picked some peppers,a few jalapenos ,and some sweet peppers.
Guess,I'll go get ready for bed , its about that time.

Blessings to all, Katie

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Well it has been a glorious day. We have been out side alot.
Enjoying the sunshine ,had a lot of company, that was enjoyable too.
Our daughter Debra, Lori. ,her daughter, and grandchildren, Our son,
David, Minnie, and their children. also our grandaughter Tammie.
came in from Ark. This is our son Larrys daughter.
I pray you all had a wonderful weekend. Blessings for all. Love Katie