Monday, June 9, 2008

~Monday Night~

Hello dear friends, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We enjoyed the weekend.
Went to church Sunday morning,and then in the afternoon went to a birthday party for our grandson, and a friend. It was their 16th birthday and it was a real nice occasion. Everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves. We had pizza and the birthday cakes were delicious.
Today, we just stayed in most of the day, where it was cool. Was hot and humid out!
Later in the evening , my husband worked in the yard some. I went out to the garden, and picked a few tomatoes, some still green, as I like fried green tomatoes some time.
I also picked some peppers,a few jalapenos ,and some sweet peppers.
Guess,I'll go get ready for bed , its about that time.

Blessings to all, Katie

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Shelley said...

Hi Mom, the party was great! So glad you and Dad were able to come..
Love you,and see you soon, Shelley