Saturday, December 26, 2009


My daughters,granddaughters and I.......

Yes,Christmas has come and gone and the new year will soon arrive.
I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends and loved ones.
We sure did ! I fixed a dinner here on Christmas Eve. Some of our children and grandchildren came. Our daughter Debra and grandaughter Rana are still here visiting from Penn.
We have sure enjoyed their company but,they are leaving Monday morning to go home .
I will miss them for sure.
Wishing y'all a happy New Year .
Blessings to all Love,Katie

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yes it is cold outside today , but so thankful it is nice and warm inside.
My dd Debra, and grandaughter Rana are here to visit with us until
after christmas. they live in Pittsburg Pa. So they are thinking this weather is mild ,
since they are use to lots of snow and ice up their way. Im so happy to have them here.
I got my christmas tree up, it looks real pretty. I put the small one up this year.
our dd Shelley came over the other day to visit , and we had a nice visit.
We went thru some more christmas decoration, and just enjoyed spending time to gather.
I hope you are all well , and have a wonderful christmas , with family, and friends.
Merry christmas to all Many Blessings LOVE KATIE

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hello dear friends, I pray everyone is well, and getting ready for Christmas.
We are doing OK , I have a head cold , but other than that , just our usual aches and ills ,smile.
I have done some of my Christmas decorating, but haven't put my tree up yet.
Our DD Shelley said she will come over Sunday, after church, and help me do that.
She is so good at decorating, I have visited her blog, and she has so many pretty
things, she helps us a lot. Bless her heart.
We had some bad news last night our son in law Billy , that lives in Pennsylvania, had taken an overdose of prescription drugs and is in the hospital recovering from that. Please,remember him, our daughter Debra,( his wife,) and his daughter Rana in your prayers. For his recovery and their comfort.
God bless you all , and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


HELLO TO ALL, We had a nice thanksgiving, enjoyed so much having a good
dinner, and spending a great time with family. and yes , now christmas will be
here before we know it.I havnt put my tree up yet but i will soon im sure.
I love all the pretty christmas carols, and like to listen to them while putting up
christmas decorations.I know im sure to start feeling the christmas spirt, when
I start pulling out , all the christmas decor. smile.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas , and many blessings to all LOVE KATIE