Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yes it is cold outside today , but so thankful it is nice and warm inside.
My dd Debra, and grandaughter Rana are here to visit with us until
after christmas. they live in Pittsburg Pa. So they are thinking this weather is mild ,
since they are use to lots of snow and ice up their way. Im so happy to have them here.
I got my christmas tree up, it looks real pretty. I put the small one up this year.
our dd Shelley came over the other day to visit , and we had a nice visit.
We went thru some more christmas decoration, and just enjoyed spending time to gather.
I hope you are all well , and have a wonderful christmas , with family, and friends.
Merry christmas to all Many Blessings LOVE KATIE


Shelley said...

Glad Deb and Rana made it...we will try and have a special day together doing something fun soon...I enjoyed my day with you and daddy...love you much

Jacqueline said...

That's so nice that Deb and Rana came to be with you. It must really warm your heart. It's icy cold up here in Washington...Jack Frost needs to go home now! Night Night dear mama Katie.

Jacqueline said...

I'm sure your home is busy with company and all the activities of Christmas. Just thinking about you this morning and wanted to wish you one of the best Christmas you've ever had. God with us,