Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello dear friends, Hope this finds all doing well. We are doing ok, and yes my hubby is enjoying his new lawn mower. Our son gave it to him for Father's Day. I know it will make his yard work much easier, as he has alot of grass to mow, and he has been doing it all with a push mower.
We have been having some hot weather, and I haven't been getting out to much in the heat.
We had a little rain to day, and it cooled things off some.Was reading my daughters post
(Shelley's Vintage Variety) about Kalyn's BD Pool Party. Sounds cool, wish Icould have been there (smile). I think I would like a big pool like that . I'm thinking about it, I told my hubby it would be good to cool off in , and I could exercise a lot easier in the water. Anyway it's ok to dream,Right? Blessings to all . Have a nice weekend. Hugs, Katie


Cheryl said...

Hi, Katie!

A riding lawn mower sure is nice when there is a lot of lawn to mow. What a great gift from your son.

Of course it's OK to dream! May be one day...

You have a nice weekend, too.
Take care, Katie.

Shelley said...

Hi Mom, I am very happy Larry gifted Dad with a new mower. I know that will make his work much less work,and more fun.....

See ya soon, Love, Shelley