Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another beautiful day

Hello dear friends, Thank God, for such a beautiful day, cold but lots of sunshine!
I'm really thankful for everyday tho, rain or shine . But, I'm really looking forward to spring,
Birds singing, flowers blooming, and I like to see the dogwood and redbuds ,in bloom too.
Our son is going to help us with a garden this year. I specially like to grow tomatoes,
onions, okra, squash, peppers, and my husband likes to grow watermelons,and cantaloupes .
Guess we just like them all( smile). So thankful to our dear Lord, for everything!

Pray this finds everyone well, and having a wonderful day. Blessings to all, Katie


Cheryl said...

I hear ya on looking forward to Spring! I am patiently getting through the winter because you gotta go through the cold to get to the warm it's just the way it is. We haven't had success in growing watermelon, we will have to try again.

Take care, Katie.

Cheryl said...

Oh, yeah, I love this valentine! So sweet!

Shelley said...

Hi Dear Mother, I to am getting very ready for spring to arrive. Ya'll will have a great garden,I will never forget the wonderful garden we had when we were living there. I wish we could grow things here, but there is to much clay and rock.

Love you both, Shelley