Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hello friends, It has been a beautiful day, but a little part of it was sad.
Our little dog, Bear, was killed last night, by a pack of big dogs that came into our yard.
Our son Larry buried him for us in his yard. He was so sweet and smart. We will miss him so much. He brought so much joy to us for a little while. You will remember the photo of him in my rocker on my back porch. I pray ya'll had a nice day, and a great weekend coming up.
Be back soon.

God Bless you all, Katie


Shelley said...

Dear Mom, again I am so sorry about what happened to Bear. He was a sweet little dog and I know you and Dad loved him. I love you and will see soon !

God bless, Shelley

Grana said...

Mrs. Katie,
So sorry to hear about your cute little Bear. I have a sweet little Sophie and I know how much fun these little dogs can be. I have enjoyed reading your blog and your daughter's one as well. I have not been very good at posting on mine, but enjoy it once I do. Hope you have a blessed day!

Mica Garbarino said...

Just found out about your beloved dog bear via your daughters blog. so sorry to hear of the tragic loss to your beloved pet. I will pray for your heart to be at peace.. Take care. Blessings ,Mica

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Ms. Katie,
I just came from Shelley's and she had mentioned about your dog, Bear. I am so sorry to hear about this and I know yall will miss him very much. I pray that God will give you a peace that you can overcome this. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. You are more than welcome for the Award my friend. I am late in visiting tonight as we have had a very busy day here. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

"Jillian" said...

Hello Katie...

I just read about what happened to your sweet little Bear and I wanted to leave a note for you. You have wonderful memories with a precious little guy who was brought into your life for one reason or another. Remember those sweet moments and cherish them. I too, had a pet for a short time and still remember how much I loved my cat, Muppet! (This was back in the early 80's) You might also want to visit Betty's blog "Country Charm"...she has a similar story.

Take care,

~ Jillian

BittersweetPunkin said...

I came from Shelley's and she told me about your friend Bear...I am so sorry...I'm sure it was a terrible loss. I honestly believe that our animals are wonderful companions and a special part of our families....

Amrita said...

Read about bear on Shelly 's blog. What a horrid thing to happen. i am very sorry.My dog died of poisoning last April and i still cry for him.

Cheryl said...

Oh, Katie, such sad news. Our pets become a member of our family and it hurts just about the same as losing a human loved one when they die.

What an awful thing to have happen. Do you know who owns the dogs that have become a pack? My Daddy had ducks and one morning we woke up to them all dead in our front yard from a pack of dogs that were neighbour dogs. Once they get the taste of blood they will keep on killing anything they can find. My Daddy shot a dog a different time that was getting our animals and the owner of the dog called the sheriff on my Daddy. After my Daddy told the sheriff about this particular dog the sheriff felt my Dad had the right to shoot a dog on our property (running loose, and not the first time) that was killing our animals. Anyway, sorry to get into a long story. Hopefully with each day the pain of losing your little puppy dog will be less.

Take care, Katie.

IsabellaCloset said...

Katie, I am a friend of your sweet Daughter Shelley. I just read on her blog about your precious dog Bear. I am so very sorry for you and your husbands loss.. I'm still in tears over this, how sad... my heart truly goes out to you! Please know you will all be in my prayers. God bless you ~Mary~