Friday, June 12, 2009


My husband and I with sweet little Brandon.

Good morning to all, It is a beautiful day! Yes,we had a good visit with our little great GS.
Brandon. He is the son of Bruce, our grandson we lost in a car accident in April.
We enjoyed our time with him very much. He is growing, and walking now . He has curly red hair. So sweet. He is our son Larry's grandson. He is very proud of him . That red hair so Irish
(SMILE). Brandon's mom Jill, wasn't very sociable with us this visit. Just got her things to gather and her dog and loaded up and left. I don't understand because she and I were always close and enjoyed each others company.My legs were hurting yesterday so I went outside and sit at the picnic table while they were there, our son Larry and his wife brought the baby over for us to spend time with but Jill just didn't say much or come over . I started to get upset about it but I stopped myself and I am just so thankful to spend the time with Brandon. I thank God for that
I pray that what ever is bothering Jill, that she will find peace with it . Could be the grief and that is her way of coping with it. We do love them very much, and I pray that she will keep in touch with us and let us know how our grandson is doing.
Here we are standing next to the Weeping Willow tree that we planted in memory of Brandon's daddy,Bruce.

Many blessings to all Love,Katie

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Shelley said...

Hi Mama,I love the picture of you,Dad and Brandon.I am sorry that Jill wasn't acting herself. I am sure she feels hurt about many things and is grieving over Bruces death. It most likely had nothing to do with you and Dad. I am sure she cares for ya'll. I will try and come down on Sunday since it is Father's day. See you then....

Love you much,Shelley