Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hello dear friends, I hope everyone is staying cool and having a wonderful day.

yes we have some pretty little kittens., all girls tho. also the mama cat too. we have two boycats to keep , Boots, and Socks. , cant afford to keep more. my son took them by the shelter for us but they want keep them unless we give them 50.00. so they took them on home with them.

animals are so sweet to have but cost alot now to get them spayed,neutered and their shots

anyway we are hoping they find a home for them. Blessings to all LOVE KATIE


Cheryl said...

Friends from church had some kittens to give away. I am not sure they found a home for them all. The mom cat is a stray and they had her fixed so that wouldn't happen again. That's interesting that the shelter makes you pay to give them to them and then people will pay to take one home. I guess it's cheaper than paying to care for the animals. Hope you are able to find homes for them all.

Take care, Katie.

Jacqueline Jaggers said...

Good day from Jacqueline! Now, if you have any chihuahuas or pomaranians to give away, I'd fly to Texas! I have too many kitties in my yard already, they love to visit my birdfeeders! May God bless you day!