Monday, May 18, 2009

monday night

Hello dear friends, well I finally decided to post a few lines.
Hope everyone is doing fine. We had a nice weekend .
our dd Shelley and her hubby came down Sunday evening,
We sit outside and enjoyed the cooler air , and sunshine.
We had a very nice visit. I had gotten a weeping willow tree for mothers day to plant in our yard
We did plant it a few days ago , and I was showing it to Shelley. We planted it in memory of our grandson Bruce that we lost in a auto accident last month.
Our garden is growing good, I already have some little green tomatoes, I have planted green beans, purple hull peas, corn, okra, squash, beets, and peppers.
Well wishing for you all a nice week . Blessings to all LOVE KATIE

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Cheryl said...

I love weeping willows! How nice and something to remember your grandson by. A wonderful memorial!

Your garden sounds yummy! (except for maybe the okra) :o)

You have a nice week, too!
Take care, Katie.