Tuesday, February 3, 2009


~This dog is a new comer to our home,some one decided to dump off,he's a sweety,but he wants to chase our kittys.~


HELLO DEAR FRIENDS, Well today is the day the eagle flys(so to speak)
time to go pay bills again(smile). My husband always tells me that on the 3rd each month( I mean about the eagle,smile.)I'm always glad to get the bills paid for another month!
Hope everyone is well ! We are having some nice Texas weather, lots of sunshine today .
I sure enjoyed that ! We went over to visit our DD Shelley last Sunday. She was feeling some better,and she hopes to be able to get back in church next Sunday. I'm so glad she has that
surgery behind her now, I know she will feel so much better,when she gets through the healing process. THANK THE LORD !

Blessings to all .Love,Katie


Cheryl said...

Hi, Kate!

I haven't been leaving comments too much lately (you figured that one out, right?).

Looks like a sweet puppy dog! Shame on people for dumping him off. But they picked the right place for him to be loved and taken care of, sounds like. Keeping the kitties on their toes, eh?

I have never heard that expression before. Pretty good one!

Take care, Katie.

Shelley said...

Hi Mom,I enjoyed having you and Dad over for a visit. Have a blessed week,love you both so much......Shelley