Monday, January 5, 2009


Hello dear friends, I pray everyone is well , and getting the "NEW YEAR " off to a good start.
We are well, and doing OK. The weather is cold again today. Our son,James and his wife Nelda gave us a nice china cabinet for Christmas, it is old but very nice , we are going to put a new coat of varnish on it . When we get it finished,and I get all my pretty dishes in side ,I'll try and get a picture took to show you.

Well,guess I'll say bye for now.

Blessings for all Love,Katie


Shelley said...

Hi Mom,can't wait to see your china cabinet. I'll try and come to see you soon...

Love you both much,Shelley

Cheryl said...

Take a before and after picture! It would be neat to see the difference. What a wonderful thing to receive! Shelley is a lucky duck to get to see it in person.

Take care, Katie.