Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello dear friends, yes it is friday again, the days seem to go so fast.
Sept. is here and fall weather is on the way. we are already having some cooler mornings, and evenings.But it feels so good. my husband and I have both been feeling very well.
with the weather getting cooler I may want to plant me some turnip greens. we have another grandson living close by now, and he will be glad to help us till up the garden, and plant for us.
Well everyone please take care enjoy the cooler weather. Many Blessings to all

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Shelley said...

Hi Mama,I am so ready for some cooler weather. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It is so welcomed after our way to hot Summers....I love you so much and enjoyed the comment you left on my blog. If I ever get the little camper fixed the way I want we will have some good times...we will have to have a tea party for sure,to celebrate.

Love u both so much.....