Friday, April 4, 2008


Hello dear friends, Hope this finds you all doing fine. We did have some stormy weather this morning with lots of thunder, lightening, wind and rain, but I think it has all passed through now. My husband, and I went over to Arp yesterday to visit with our daughter Shelley , and granddaughters, Regina, and Jalyn, at Shelley and Regina's little shop, they have so many pretty things in there. I enjoyed looking at everything, and we enjoyed our visit very much.
I especially liked all the pretty dolls, she has so many of them. Have a wonderful weekend.
Many blessings to all.

Love ,Katie


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a nice time with family.

You have a wonderful weekend, too!


Shelley said...

Hi Mom,it was nice having you and Dad over to visit yesterday. I didn't go to the shop today as the weather wasn't great. The sun did shine for just a bit though. I stayed home and did some house work and had lots of help from Jalyn. See you soon.....
Love you much, Shelley

regina barnett said...

Hi, Granny I enjoyed visiting with you and Grandad. we had a real nice visit. LOVE you.

regina barnett said...

Just wanted to wish Granddad a Happy Brithday. Hope his day was a good one.Thanks Granny for the sweet Happy Brithday comment.