Friday, April 18, 2008

OH ~Friday ~AGAIN

Hello dear friends. Yep,its Fri again. I Pray you all have a wonderful weekend.

I have had a good week .Our grandaughter, from Ark. came down to visit,and we have had some nice days together. Just talking and going through old photos. She wanted some copies of some of my grandparents photos, which is her great grandparents and photos of her and the other grandchildren when they were all small. Also of myself and grandaddy.

She has to leave tomorrow or Sunday morn. to go home.

We have certainly enjoyed our time together.
We have had some nice weather as well.

Blessings to all..... Love,Katie

Also, I received an award from my daughter Shelley and my grand daughter Regina.

Thanks so much to the both of you....I will pass this award on soon.


Cheryl said...

Having your granddaughter visit sounds wonderful. Glad you have had a great time with her. That is so good of you to share your pictures with her. I have gone to quite a few auctions that the family of the deceased get rid of old photos because they don't know who are in them. I look at our pictures and think will people wonder who is in them in 100 years? Not if I make sure they have written on them who it is of.

Weather is great here, too. Take care, Katie.

regina barnett said...

I enjoy our visit with you all Sunday. It's been along time since I've seen Tammie. Love you.