Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hello Dear friends,I'm slow about my posting again , but here I am!
My husband and I made a new flower bed, our son James and his wife Nelda had given us some plants, and we bought a few more marigolds, snapdragons,ect.

I also got a big patio tomato plant with tomatoes, already on it , and put it in the new flower bed ,should be looking good very soon.
I got some bluebonnet seeds to scatter around , hope they come up good this time . I love bluebonnets. Well,I pray everyone is well, and having a great week.
Blessings for all,Love Katie

P.S My roses are really pretty now, thought I would post some pictures to share with you.


Cheryl said...

Your roses are so nice! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Make sure to share pictures when your flower bed is in bloom.

Take care, Katie.

Shelley said...

Hi Mom, your roses are just beautiful. I enjoyed the visit with all of you last Sunday.It was such a beautiful day.
Will come again soon,Love you so much.


Karen H. said...

Good Evening Ms. Katie,
Sorry I haven't been around to visit for a while, but I had some computer problems a while back and then life in general has been keeping me busy. I did post this morning and even put some pictures on there as well. Your roses are so beautiful. Roses are my favorite flower and then tulips. I can't beleive your tomato plant has tomato's on them already. You will have to show us a picture of that soon. I do love fresh tomatoes. Nothing better than a tomato sandwich with mayonnaise. I seen over at Shelley's where yall had a fish fry. Everyone seemed to have a good time. It's been along time since I've been to a fish fry outside. If I want fish to eat, I have to go to a restaurant to eat it. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

regina barnett said...

Your roses are beautiful.