Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas to all, From katie

Well hello dear friends, It has been awhile, But here i am again. Iwent shopping this evening, had to pick up a few more things i needed for our christmas dinner, I have done a little more
gift buying also. but Im doing things a little different this year. my husband and I decided to select things of ours, that we would like to be passed on to our children , give each one of our children and their family . a christmas gift , of that item., for their home. , of course it s small items , things that we liked and treasured .And I think they will like them too. But for the little ones ,I know they like Little toys, ect. We have so many sweet grandchildren, great, and three great ,great grandchildren now. Iused to fix all the little ones fruit bags, with candy and nuts in them, and they all liked that very well. Reminds me now, of when i was a little girl, going to grandma, and grandpas house,at christmas , we may have had less gifts then . but we had plenty of good things to eat., and lots of Love. I have to mention this,it was so special to me,
One christmas, when i was small, My mother, and grandmother , had made me a coat of many colors out of scraps. so pretty, and i liked it so much. when i hear Dolly Parton sing her song ,I
think of my coat, and you know how the song goes. GOD IS ALWAYS SO GOOD TO US


Shelley said...

Hi Mom, I remember you and Dad fixing those bags for all the grandkids. I know my kids were always trilled to get them. I love that story about your "Coat of many Colors". I remember you telling it to me as a child. When I hear that song, I think of your story and tell the children how your Mother made you a coat of many colors as well.
Lov you, and I am looking forward to spending some Christmas fellowship with you !


Deileadoir said...

Hi Mom, I love the blog! I finally found it... smile. I'll be keeping an eye on it. I had a great Christmas Eve with the family and it feels so wonderful to finally be home with all of you. I hope we'll have many, many more to share.
I love you so very much. Your devoted son, Larry "Deileadoir"