Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just wanted to say Thank you ,to you ladies you have left me a comment ! You have made me feel so welcome to the blogging world. I have much to learn but I am so looking forward to sharing many things with all of you ! Please, do come by as much as you can and feel free to comment as often as you like. I enjoy reading your comments so much. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season so far. I plan to decorate some this week, God willing !

Thanks again and God bless, Katie


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Ms. Katie,
I am glad you are liking the bloggy thing. I know I really enjoy it. I'm pert near addicted to it. LOL. I just visited Shelley and her and Regina sure did find some good bargains yesterday. I must live in the wrong part of the country. All my blogging friends always finds such beautiful things at a bargain. I have been blogging about 2 1/2 months myself. I still have lots to learn. Some I may never learn. LOL. I hope you have fun learning everything. Well, take care my friend and have a great Wednesday. May God Bless You.

Karen H.
P.S. I will be coming back. You feel free to visit me any time also. You are more than welcome at my place called, Karen's Korner. I always enjoy meeting and getting aquainted with new friends.

regina barnett said...

I am glad you like the blog world. That what we call it around here. We ae just a bunch of blog heads. LOL I love you Granny's

Shelley said...

Hi Mom, I love you !