Saturday, November 22, 2008

~Saturday evening~


Hello my friends, Pray you all are having a wonderful day!
All is well at our house. Our daughter Debra, came down to visit with us untilafter Thanksgiving. We plan on going to visit at our other daughter Shelley's church tomorrow. The weather is cold today, so we are just staying in,either watching TV or on the PC. We are also thinking about looking around in the storage for our Christmas decorations. Getting it all together,because after Thanksgiving I may be ready to start decorating.Want be long until Christmas now! God bless you all ,and happy Holidays.



Shelley said...

Hi Moma,I was so happy to have all of you in church with us this morning,and enjoyed eating out together afterwards.It was good to visit Deb,as well. Love you all,and God bless,Shelley

Cheryl said...

That's great your daughter was able to come for a visit! Nothing like having family with you over Thanksgiving or Christmas. I am missing my family this time of year so much. They are all back in the western states. I met my husband on our church's singles website (in 1999) when I lived in Seattle and moved here to Ohio away from all my family.

Whoops! sorry for the book.
Happy Thanksgiving!!