Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Hello friends, I hope everyone is having a good week. I haven't been feeling well this week.
I guess because of the funeral , I've been so stressed. But, I'll move on and feel better soon I'm sure.

Our family, friends, and our church helped us thru this time alot, and we give so many thanks to everyone. Sherry had been thru alot of pain, and in and out of the hospital. I know she is at rest, and peace now . Her husband Paul, and all of us will miss her much, I'm sure.
Take care, and God bless you all. Love Katie

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Shelley said...

Hi Mom, I am sorry you haven't been feeling well. I pray you will soon be feeling good again. I know you have had a great deal of stress lately. Just turn it all over to the Lord and he will carry it for you....

I love you much,Shelley