Sunday, September 21, 2008

~Sunday Evening~


Well,we went to church this morning and three of our grandchildren came . We were so happy to see them there! We stopped byour sons house after church. He cooked hamburgers, and fries out on the grill. We stayed and enjoyed lunch with them. We have been having some nice weather, very good after, having hurricane Ike, blow thru here last week. We had a lot of damage with blown down trees, up rooted ect. in our front yard, and no electricity for about five days. But,even with all that,I feel very thankful that our house was OK and no one was hurt.I pray for those people on the coast line and all around there. They lost so much, but their lives were spared. I'm sure they must be very thankful, just to be alive. It was a powerful storm.
I pray everything is well at your homes.
God bless you all.


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Shelley said...

Hi Moma, I am so thankful as well that no harm was done to any of our homes from Ike. I am praying for all those who suffered much loss from it.
I am loving the fall weather...I will try and come for a visit soon.

Love you much, Shelley