Monday, September 20, 2010


Hello dear friends,
Its been awhile ,but well here I am again
I hope everyone is well, and enjoying the cooler weather.
we are doing ok , mostly staying around the house, unless it is to church,
gro. store, shopping, or to pay bills.but it want be long until the
holidays will be coming , and im sure ill find more to do then.
Well everyone take care, many blessings, love to all KATIE


Shelley said...

Love to you mama...be coming for a visit soon....

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Ms. Katie. I have recently started back blogging only on Sunday's. I had tried to come and visit you the last couple of Sunday's, but couldn't get on. But it looks like I finally found you again. Fall has finally arrived here in full force here today. The highs are only to be in the 60's today and 70's this week with lows in the 50's at night. I even had my jacket on some earlier this morning. LOL. The Holidays will indeed be upon as very soon. Not sure that I'm looking forward to them, but guess I will make the best of them tho. As long as we all have a roof over our heads and have food to eat, then that will be good enough for me. Take care my friend and I'll do my best to be by sometime on Sundays to visit. Hope you will stop by for a visit when you can. May GOD Bless you and your Family.

Love and Hugs,
Karen H.