Monday, August 4, 2008

MON. Night 8-4-08

Hope everyone is well. It has been another hot day. But we thank our dear Lord. for our AC ,
Keeps us cool in side. We are doing ok, staying in side alot. Our grandaughter that is visiting from Ark. had a seizure, Her dad called 911 and took her to the hospital. We stayed up there until about 200 am in the morning., and brought her home. She has been resting good to day, and back on her medication. She had forgotten to take it. I think she will be ok now. But it sure scared me . Her seizures are usually mild, Im told. but very scarey, as I didnt really know what to expect, or do for her, except keep her comfortable,, on her side,and console her. We just kept telling her we loved her, and prayed until help arrived. But thank God she is doing ok now.
Please remember us in your prayers. God bless you all . Love , Katie


Cheryl said...

That would be scary! I'm glad she is doing better now.

Take care, Katie.

Shelley said...

I'm sorry you had to witness that Mom. I know it must of really upset you and Dad. I am thankful she is doing better.

Love you much, Shelley