Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hello dear friends, I pray everyone is well, and having a great day.
Our weather is certainly beautiful. I am washing clothes today. I
usually do this on Monday, but Iwas slow getting started this week.
My husband is working in the yard today. We are both feeling well .
Thanking our dear Lord for that. We had some rain yesterday, and we sure needed it , everything was so dry. Praying for good health,to all and God's wonderful Love is always

Blessings to all, Katie

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Shelley said...

Hi Dear Mother, I did a huge wash yesterday, thank the Lord for washers and dryers,so we don't have to wash by hand,however I have done my share of that in the past. I really don't mind hanging a wash,but it's just hard for me to get the load out to the line these days.

Love you much, Shelley