Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hello dear friends.I pray everyone is well. I am enjoying some beautiful weather.
All is well at our house! We went to church this morning. Then afterwards, went to eat at Lupe's in Jacksonville ,Tex. Stopped by Walmart to shop for a few things and came on home. I decided to get on the P.C., and my hubby is probably taking a nap., in front of the T.V.

My granddaughter , and her son moved to Garland Texas, So it is really quite around here, I'm already missing them. They have lived next door for a long time . Pray with us , that their move will be good, and she will be happy with her new job,and everything will go great for them. Blessings to all,Love Katie

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Shelley said...

Hi Mom,glad y'all got to go out and eat on Sunday. We went to the Dairy Queen with the girls and the kids after church Sunday. The kids always love going there.
The quiet will take some time getting used to,but I think you will enjoy it after a while.

Love you,Shelley